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Safeguard Your Kids’ Online Life

Like most parents, you're concerned about what your kids are doing on the internet.
As a parent, you are invested in the safety of your children -- especially when it comes to the Web. That’s why Norton Online Family helps parents connect with their kids online. So you can know they’re safe, even when you’re not around.

Why Choose Norton Online Family?

  • Gives you instant insight into your kids’ online lives — Better understand what your children see and do online so you can provide guidance and help them make smart choices.
  • Lets you set rules that promote good online habits — Create “house rules” that will keep your kids safe while teaching them appropriate online behavior.
  • Builds trust between you and your kids — Transparent, open monitoring makes it more likely your kids will follow the rules.
  • Promotes discussion of safe online behavior — Encourages kids to talk about their online activities so you can teach them about Internet safety.
  • Keeps you informed, no matter where you are — Let’s you see what your kids are doing right now and provide advice and guidance from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Helps you understand your kids’ intentions — Shows you what words and phrases your kids search for so you know not only what they do online, but also why they do it.
  • Makes managing your kids’ computer time a breeze — Set time limits and curfews to help your kids learn good computer time management habits.
  • Adapts to and grows with your children — “House rules” can be easily modified as your kids grow and their interests change.
Gain insight into your children’s online lives so you can give them guidance and help them make smart choices.
Norton Online Family, which had been in beta as Norton Online Family since February 2009, is now available for free. The service is available here in English with comprehensive filtering for U.S. and Canadian sites. Filtering support is also provided for English Web sites in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa, but the service is not fully optimized for these countries.
To connect with your kids online world, please click here.
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“…The great thing is that this isn’t one of these ‘stealth’ big-brother programs where the parents are eavesdropping on their kids surreptitiously; the real value here is that there is a communication built between the parent and the child.” -- Ed Baig, USA Today

“Kids click around the Web at warp speed… Parents can't find meaning in the crush of data that monitoring software provides: too many Web sites and not enough time to figure out if the sites are appropriate. Norton Online Family streamlines the data from all your computers, so even non-techie parents can figure out if their kids are getting in trouble online.” -- Becky Worley, Good Morning America