Reported 5 million credit cards breached at Saks, Lord & Taylor

Reported breach may affect 5 million debit and credit cards at Saks, Saks OFF 5TH and Lord & Taylor stores in North America.


Saks Fifth Avenue says it became aware of a data security issue involving customer payment card data at the following North American stores:

  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Saks OFF 5TH
  • Lord & Taylor

News reports about the breach say hackers staged an attack to steal the information of more than 5 million debit and credit cards, but neither Saks nor its parent, Hudson's Bay Company, has confirmed such specific breach information.

What is Hudson's Bay Company saying about the Saks data breach?

In a statement about the breach on its websites, the company said:

We wanted to reach out to our customers quickly to assure them that they will not be liable for fraudulent charges that may result from this matter. Once we have more clarity around the facts, we will notify our customers quickly and will offer those impacted free identity protection services, including credit and web monitoring.

The company's data breach statement goes on to say that once it identified the issue, it took steps to contain it, and that the company believes the issue no longer poses a risk to customers shopping at its stores.

In addition, Hudson's Bay Company says it is working with data security investigators and coordinating with law enforcement authorities and payment card companies. It also says the investigation is ongoing and there's no indication that the security issue affects its e-commerce or other digital platforms, Hudson's Bay, Home Outfitters, or HBC Europe.

The company says it will notify its customers once it has "more clarity around the facts" about the data breach, but assures customers they will not be liable for any fraudulent charges resulting from this matter. The company promises additional information, once available, on its websites.

To speak with a dedicated Hudson's Bay Company customer representative, beginning April 4, 2018, customers can call 855-270-9187, Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time.

What you can do about the Saks data breach

If you've used a credit or debit card while shopping at one of the affected stores, the best step you can take is to review your financial statements for any unfamiliar activity. If you see transactions that aren't yours, contact your bank or credit card company.

Going forward, remember that credit cards can offer more fraud protection than debit cards. That's because a debit card can give a criminal direct access to your bank account. With a credit card, your bank account is not directly affected until you use it to pay your credit card bill.

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