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What is the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things or IoT: It’s a phrase you may have seen or heard as our world grows more connected by the day. But what does it mean?
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
The connected home: How safe is it?
The connected home is focused on ease of use and convenience. Have you ever left the house and wondered if you turned the heater off, or locked the front door? Well, with the connected home, there’s an app for that!
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
Keep your smartphone safe when using it with a connected device hub
Smartphones have become the new norm. In a world of constant connectivity, smartphones are like little personal assistants, keeping us on top of our work and social schedules, enabling us to chart our health, browse the latest news, and access thousands of powerful apps.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Connected toys and what you need to know about them
The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just some lofty concept about future integration of technology into the home. It is already here, and we’re already living it.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Mobile fitness trackers may be one step away from hacks
Wearable health tracking devices and apps unfortunately feature multiple vulnerabilities hackers can exploit to gain access to your personal information.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
The smarter home: How to create a smart home
One of the key security concerns with smart homes is ensuring that devices are not vulnerable to hacking and cyber attack. Let’s take a look at how-to create a smart home while following cybersecurity best practices.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Securing the Internet of Things
Wearable devices, the connected home, and the connected car are all relatively recent technologies, yet have quickly become the new rage in tech. Everything from the devices in your pocket to the appliances in your home and the car you drive can transmit information about your life habits because they all have one thing in common...
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
How to protect your connected wearables
The popularity of smartwatches and jewelry is gaining momentum as more people discover the convenience of having the power of the internet literally in the palms of their hand, in addition to the Internet of Things (IoT) concept in the marketplace.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read

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